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Swimming Human Simulation Software "Swumsuit"

Last update : 2013/1/30

What is Swumsuit?

Swumsuit (SWimming hUman Model with Synthetic User Interface Tools) is a software on which the swimming human simulation model SWUM is implemented. Data for body geometry, joint motion and analysis settings are given to "analysis engine" part as input. The analysis engine estimates the fluid force acting on the human body from the given input data, solves the equations of motion of the human body as a rigid body, and compute the abosolute motion of the human body. The analysis engine also outputs many data, such as swimming speed, propulsive efficiency, thrust, joint torque and so on, obtained by the analysis.

By using Swumsuit, the user can perform all tasks during the analysis with easy GUI (Graphical User Interface) operation, such as editing input data, starting analysis, displaying many quantities of the results with graphs and animation, without being conscious of inside the difficult simulation program.

Due to this advantage, Swumsuit enables everyone to perform simulation of the human swimming, which has been thought to be difficult because of complicated formulation for body motion and fluid force.

Swumsuit is a Free Software distributed under GPL (Gnu General Public License).

By Whom?

Swumsuit is developed by developing team lead by Dr. Motomu Nakashima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.


Screenshot is here.

Required Environment

Windows, Linux, and Macintosh

Download Swumsuit

Swumsuit version 4.1.1 (9.0MB)

Please see below manual for installation.

Download Manual

Swumsuit manual (PDF) (94KB)

Download Sample Projects

Please extract the zip file and open it by Swumsuit.

Analysis example of standard six beat front crawl (3.3MB)

Analysis example of breast stroke (1.2MB)

Analysis example of backstroke (1.2MB)

Analysis example of butterfly stroke (1.1MB)

Old files

Old files are located here.


Any question, request, bug report and opinion are welcomed. Please feel free to send email to swum-admin_at_swum.org (Please change "_at_" into "@").

Revision History

2013/1/30 version 4.1.1 release


2013/1/10 version 4.1.0 release


2012/10/23 version 4.0.5 release


2011/9/20 version 4.0.4 release


2011/6/15 version 4.0.3 release


2009/12/02 version 4.0.2 release


2009/9/08 version 4.0.1 release


2009/5/18 version 4.0.0 release


2007/11/29 version 3.1.0 release


2007/7/20 version 3.0.1 release


2007/5/21 version 3.0.0 release


2006/10/17 version 2.3.0 release


2006/1/13 The manual has been updated.

2005/12/6 version 2.2.0 release


2005/11/2 version 2.1.0 release


2005/9/28 version 2.0.0 release
Major-upgraded according to the addition of optimizing function.


2005/8/9 version 1.5.0 release
This is the "Thank-you-ISCSB2005-participants" version :)


2005/6/4 version 1.4.0 release and the manual has been updated.


2005/5/17 version 1.3.0 release


2005/5/2 version 1.2.0 release


2005/4/25 version 1.1.0 release


2005/4/16 English site opened
2005/3/13 version 1.0.0 release (Japanese site opened)

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